Top Three Reasons to work with Building Services:

  1. Schedule Stability
  2. Independence at Work
  3. Excellent Training Program

Meet our Associates


Cathy Nickens

Custodian, 13 years

"I feel very blessed and grateful to be employed at Notre Dame.  I've been able to continue my education through the University's Learning at Work program."

Larry Parker

Larry Parker

Custodian, 12 years

"Notre Dame has great benefits.  I also get to meet people from all over the world and learn the different cultures."


hasena begic

Hasena Begic

Custodian, 5 years

"Working for Notre Dame is like having a second family.  I am so thankful.  The tution reimbursement program helped me afford sending my daughter to college."


Jobs with Building Services

Building Services Careers

Gabriela Rodriguez

Gabriela Rodriguez

Supervisor, 6 years

  • Joined the university as a custodian for Building Services
  • Promoted to Crew Lead
  • Promoted to Supervisor

"Building Services is a great place to work because there is job security, opportunities for development, and room for advancement.  Building Services is focused on work/home balance.  My managers go to great lengths to focus on the emotional and physical well being of every employee."

Diana Singleton

Diana Singleton

Operations Manager, 32 years

  • Joined the university in the CSC department at St. Michael's Laundry
  • Transferred to Building Services as a custodian
  • Promoted to Supervisor
  • Promoted to Operations Manager

"Being in a service department allows an opportunity to serve others every day."

Bridget Filipski 400

Bridget Filipski

Crew Lead, 16 years

  • Joined the university in Freimann Life Sciences
  • Transferred to Building Services as a custodian
  • Promoted to Crew Lead

"At Building Services, everyday is different and I have made friends with a variety of people who are like family."