Building Services cleans academic, administrative and athletic buildings, along with residence halls, LaFortune, Duncan Student Center and Legends of Notre Dame. Find below a summary of both routine and non-routine services the department  provides.  

Routine Services

  • Cleaning of offices, office suites and conference rooms, as well as emptying of recycling and trash receptacles, occurs on a scheduled basis. 
  • Restrooms, classrooms and public areas (hallways, lobbies and entryways) are cleaned daily.  

Non-Routine Services 

  • Carpet extraction on a scheduled basis. 
  • Cleanup after indoor flooding. 
  • Floor maintenance such as scrubbing and refinishing. 
  • Snow removal from building entrances and exits (walkways, ramps and steps). 
  • Wall washing and graffiti removal. 
  • Pest control contractor coordination.
  • Exterior window cleaning contractor coordination.

For more detailed descriptions of services provided, please see the Scope of Service for: